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As the world began to shelter in place to help prevent the spread of COVID 19, many of our anticipated gatherings, unfortunately, became either postponed, or canceled. Caught in the middle of this situation, were speakers, and content curators of color who diligently prepared to share their content with us at these upcoming (now canceled) events.

In Streaming Color is a 25-hour live streaming event to help raise donations for minority charitable organizations through the talents of content curators, world-class speakers and instructors, and storytellers.


Featured Speakers
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Arielle Hale
∫  Tech + Design ∫
Angie Jones
∫  Entrepreneurship  ∫
Ryan Wilson
   Health  ∫
Justin Robinson

Season 1 Participating Orgs 

Render-Atlanta is the premier technology conference for the southern United States, focusing on the intersection of culture and technology. Founded by a team of culturally passionate software engineers, Render-Atlanta aims to represent all things southern culture, and advancements. The south has something to say, and they're bringing it unfiltered to the world.

Black Tech Pipeline focuses on bringing exposure, resources, and opportunities to Black and Brown technologists, and our allies. Our platform provides the support and tools necessary to help community members grow and thrive. We connect our employer partners and opportunity extenders to highly skilled and qualified talent within our pipeline.

How To Give

Each speaker and instructor has chosen a charitable organization that they're sponsoring during their presentation. During the speaker's presentation, our team will share in our Discord channels the donation link to the charitable organization in which the speaker is raising contributions on behalf.
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