Over 40+ talks in 25 hours from diverse speakers

Helping to raise money for charities assisting those affected by COVID-19 in underrepresented communities


As the world began to shelter in place to help prevent the spread of COVID 19, many of our anticipated gatherings, unfortunately, became either postponed, or canceled. Caught in the middle of this situation, were speakers, and content curators of color who diligently prepared to share their content with us at these upcoming (now canceled) events.

In Streaming Color is a 25-hour live streaming event to help raise donations for minority charitable organizations through the talents of content curators, world-class speakers and instructors, and storytellers.

 Saturday, May 23rd 11 am EDT - Sunday, May 24th 12 pm EDT

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Keeping abreast of all things tech, and design is often difficult, and daunting, especially when you're the only minority in the room. Our speakers will bring the latest, and greatest in their respective tech + design fields, while keeping it true for the culture.


Finding the best skincare regiments, and products has often been a struggle for our communities. We're bringing together some of the best beauty experts to discuss, and suggest how you can keep your skin glowing radiantly.  



With the current pandemic situation, our communities have been disproportionately affected. Our lineup of health professionals, and experts will give the best advice to keep your mind, body, and soul in the best shape during, and beyond COVID-19.



The backbone of our economies will continue to be the local establishments that provide various services to our communities.  Join our entrepreneurs, and business leaders for discussions on how to best protect, and pivot your business during these uncertain times.


Join musicians from all over the world that will play soulful tunes that's sure to lighten your quarantine mood, and even do some karaoke during the intermission sessions.


In between our talks, community vendors will be selling merchandise towards their selected fundraising charity.
We're connecting actively hiring companies to our audience to learn more about the roles available within their company


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