Season 1 Speakers

Tech + Design

Speaking on learning how you learn! I am a self-taught software engineer for Mailchimp with the goal of inspiring other people of color to get involved in tech.”
— Kiel Lewis
"Founder & CEO of Coltrane Hyde, an industrial design and technology innovation firm. We design products, develop technology solutions, and create innovative consumer experiences.”
Keisha N. Hines
“Senior software engineer at New Relic. He has worked as a full-stack and a DevOps engineer, writing tools for subject matter experts in nonproliferation, climate science, and basketball analytics.”
— William Hill
Michael likes the essentials. He’s a frontend architect, the host of React Podcast, and loves teaching practical React and CSS patterns. He adores his wife, two ridiculous kids, and ramen.”
Michael Chan

Angie Jones is a world-renowned Automation Architect and Master Inventor. She is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in more than 25 patented inventions in the US and China.v”
— Angie Jones
"I'm a software developer and more of a program manager, my goal is to support more people in Africa into tech through my nonprofit; DevCareer.”
Sultan Akintunde

“Gant Laborde is an owner of Infinite Red, mentor, adjunct professor, published author, and award-winning speaker. For 20 years, he has been involved in software development and continues strong today. He is recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Web and Machine Learning, but informally he is an “open sourcerer” and aspires to one day become a mad scientist. He blogs, videos, and maintains popular repositories for the community. Follow Gant’s adventures at
Gant Laborde
Founder of Vets Who Code.”
Jerome Hardaway

A full-stack JavaScript developer with specialization in the MERN stack. He his currently a Microsoft Student Partner and an advocate for women in tech.”
Israel Adetunji
"I code, design, and create digital art. I am a tech enthusiast who's passionate about increasing the number of Black people in tech.”
Niesha White

Terell Kohnson
After graduating from Resilient Coders, a non-profit coding boot camp, Rizel decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Boston University while working as a Software Engineer at Hi Marley, Inc. Inspired by the non-profit organizations that guided her as a black person through the tech industry, Rizel decided to give back. She currently sits on the executive leadership team at G|Code House and the alumni board at Hack Diversity. 
Bryan started his career as a mortgage banker at JP Morgan Chase and transitioned to tech in 2015. Most recently he served as Head of Sales, and Artificial Intelligence at Digital Mark 360 and now runs his own digital marketing agency.”
Bryan Hanley

Beauty + Lifestyle

I'll give a brief introduction on my background in tech, my experience in the army, talk about different ways to get into tech, how to get a tech degree for cheap, the difference between going to a bootcamp vs getting a degree and which path is more beneficial for who, and about the different roles that are available in the industry outside of coding or technical roles.”
Huralain Mohamed
Kami Simmons is a morning reporter for FOX West Texas KIDY in San Angelo, Texas.She holds a Master’s degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from Columbia University in New York City and previously worked for the Obama White House on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Policy team." 
- Kami Simmons 
“Chay Rodriguez is a writer, media personality, and owner of Longform., a live interview series that focuses on figures and topics in black pop culture. ”
Chay Rodriguez
" Lucas Casarez is a Certified Financial Planner and founder of Level Up Financial Planning. He started Level Up Financial Planning to help early and mid-career professionals take their financial confidence to the next level!"-  Lucas Casarez

Health + Lifestyle

" The workout will be a full body workout. No equipment needed. ”
Tanisha Ingram
@tanishacfitness - Cashapp: $FitnessTC
I will cook the perfect meal in less than 30 minutes”
Justin Robinson

"It’s ya main man Eric AkA Mr. Commando checking in out of Atlanta GA owner of Fitness Company, Commando Athletix, LLC. . Operating as Fitness Entrepreneur who’s focus is to help you get Leaner, stronger and more confident and grow a community who cares and invests in their health. ”
Eric Roberson

Business + Entrepreneurship

Chelsea is a graduate of Auburn University where she majored in public relations with a concentration in business management. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, she knew she always wanted to own her own business. Her goal is to help millennials and newly married couples/ parents understand how money works. ”
Chelsea Phillips
Brian is the founder and CEO of Four Forty Four Group, an integrated marketing agency that helps businesses influence the customer’s journey through marketing efforts.”
Brian Brown

Joye is the founder of Joye to the World and a Senior Consultant Developer at Tensure Consulting. She is passionate about finding new ways to empower her community and change the world using technology! Find out more about her at”
Joye Nettles

"A University of Kansas graduate, Brylan is helping lead fashion partnerships at Affirm and building BAR Digital. Brylan is a strategic, customer oriented business professional who has accumulated an array of diverse experiences with a track record of providing product, advertisement and operations improvements, all while producing value for customers and the business. ”— Brylan Donaldson

“Through online courses and storytelling, she helps new coders build critical foundational skills like programmatic problem solving. She is also an impassioned advocate for those living with mental illness and on the Autism spectrum. ”
Nicole Archambault
Ari is a business coach, marketing genius, educator, 2x podcast host, and a boy mom.”
Arielle Hale

I’m Kris Shelby Stylist from New Orleans but now living in Atlanta, I have a sock line and part own a men’s boutique here in Atlanta.”
Kris Shelby

"Founder of The Gentlemen’s Factory, a brand focused on building men of color.
”— Jeff Lindor

“Ryan Wilson is CEO and Co-founder of The Gathering Spot. In this role he is responsible for the club's overall management and strategic vision. A lawyer by training, Wilson founded the company with his co-founder, TK Petersen, after identifying the need for a space for professionals of all backgrounds to have a private membership experience that spoke to their business and social interests. ”
Ryan Wilson
"Phoebe is a User Experience Researcher at Shopify and is passionate about promoting the inclusion of underrepresented groups on tech companies as well as the support of them in entrepreneurship. She'll be moderating a panel with two Shopify Employees who are also entrepreneurs and foster a discussion around working at Shopify and the importance of supporting underrepresented founder businesses." - Phoebe x Shopify
" An innovative, forward thinking business professional who has spent the last 5 years accumulating an array of experiences across business, tech, sports and media industries.  He began his career at MillerCoors growing volume and distribution channels before transitioning to a business development role at Amazon, helping 3rd party marketplace growth on the platform. He now works as a Strategist at Google, helping businesses utilize Google advertising products to reach their revenue and growth goals." -  Bobby Gay


I am a software engineer moonlighting as a DJ to share some positive vibes through music during these trying times.”
—  Matthew Nicholson
@magenta.meow - Charity
From Cobb County GA, 23 years of age, been rapping since i was 6 and recording music since i was 17, side professions include photography & audio engineering with my Associates of Science in Audio Engineering.”
Justice Cummings aka Genius Troy
@Geekboytroy - Charity
My name is Zwan Landfair. I am an event DJ, specializing in providing eclectic music sets to culturally diverse groups.”
Zwan Landfair
@iamzwan- @nzjeventDJS - Charity
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